The Dazzling of The Unique Balinese Dances

The Bali island’s culture is famous for its high artistic value and one of them expressed clearly in a lot of performances that take place almost every day in this island. From sacred dances which mostly performed in ceremony until guest welcoming dance, that made Bali become the monst wanted destination in South East Asia to savour the enhancing traditional dance. Here are a few of Balinese dance forms:

Barong dance

Barong dance is one of pre-Hindu cultural heritage which is still exist until now. There are several information regarding the meaning of ‘Barong’. One of them said that the Barong name is absorption word of ‘bahruang’ meaning sacred bear with has magical power, which is believe as epitome of kindness.

There are several versions of barong dance history. One of them said that this dance is a symbol of kindness and evil. There are two main figures of the dance, they are Barong itself as the kindnees symbol and Rangda as the evil symbol. Most of you could be already familiar with the form of Barong and Rangda mask.
As we know, Barong is originaly performed by two peoples who wear a for legs animal custome but nowdays we could found several forms of Barong, they are Barong Ket, Barong Bangkal, Barong Asu, Barong Gajah, Barong Macan, Barong Landung and Barong Blasblasan.

Pendet Dance

Pendet is a dance created for the purpose of Hindus temple ceremony. Intended as Hindus gratitude to God. But now, thedance which designed by I Wayan Rindi is also used as a welcoming dance and performing in several tourism spots as well.  Pendet usually danced by a group of women with a tray containing flowers and in the middle of the dance they will be laying flowers as a symbol of welcome and gratitude.

Legong Dance

Legong dance is a classical dance other bali also intended as a dance for the gods. This dance is usually danced by young children in a ceremony. A dance that symbolizes beauty and grandeur with smooth movements and stomping. As well as other Balinese culture, each region in Bali has a different Legong dance which is absorbed the nature and everyday life.

Kecak Dance

Kecak dance is a very unique dance because it is danced by hundreds of people. This dance uses the human voice as the music accompanying selected story. They sat in a circle while kicked a unique sound to accompany a story that danced in the middle of the circle. Ramayana is a story commonly taken as the fragment.

Topeng Dance

Topeng is an Indonesian form of dance drama in which one or more dancers wear masks and perform ancient stories, often concerning ancient or mythical kings and heroes. It has its origins in the 17th century. Topeng dances are most prevalent in Bali and Java but are also found in other Indonesian islands such as Madura (off the coast of East Java). The word "topeng" means mask in Indonesian. The dance is accompanied by gamelan music.
It is believed that the use of masks is related to the cult of the ancestors, which considered dancers the interpreters of the gods. Topeng performances open with a series of non-speaking, dancing masked characters that may not be related to the story that will be performed. These traditional masks often include "Topeng Manis" (a refined hero), Topeng Kras (a martial, authoritarian character), and Topeng Tua (an old man who may make jokes and draw the audience out).

The actual story is told by a narrator wearing a half-mask, thus enabling the actor to speak, called Penasar. In group topeng, there are usually two penasars providing two different points of view. The performance of the story alternates between speaking and non-speaking characters and may include dance sections, fights and special effects (sometimes provided by the gamelan orchestra), and it is almost always wrapped up by a series of comic characters introducing their own views.

There are more Bali's traditional dances available and all of them are unique. To get more information regarding Bali dance performance, please contact your Bali travel or Bali Tour agency.

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